MAX VG  juice line!

Warm, toasted fruit tart, thrown into a blender with a dollop of delicious vanilla bean ice cream and a splash of fresh milk.

Churrios Mixture of perfectly fried and crisp churrios, sprinkled with cinnamon sugar, then dunked into nutty honey cereal milk.

Pudding Not your typical vanilla pudding pack. Experience a creamy vanilla pudding with hints of lemon and the signature milky finish.

Little Dipper Freshly baked sugar cookies dipped in an ice-cold glass of creamy milk! 

Moonies Buttery vanilla cake, layered with rich chocolate and infused with a fluffy marshmallow filling.

Milky O's  Cookies and cream blended milkshake and crafted an e-liquid with all the chocolate, milky, cookie, creamy flavor your heart desires.

CrumbleBerry   Fresh and sweet raspberry flavor paired with pie cream and a crumbled graham crust, presenting a sumptuous and luxurious dessert.

StrudelHaus Warm and flaky strudel loaded with sweet blueberries, filled with cream, and topped with powdered sugar.

Hazel Warm haughty hazelnut infused with sweet vanilla cream and topped off with a delight hint of caramel.

Available in 0, 3 & 6 mg in 30mL & 60ml bottles.

MAX VG  juice line!

Melon Milk
Refreshing and creamy honeydew treat. 

Squared Strawberry Taffy candy with a hint of cream.

Truffle Berry Rich Milk chocolate truffle with sweet raspberry filling.

Bubble Milk
Jasmine milk tea with honey glazed boba. 

Available in 0, 3 & 6 mg in 60ml bottles.

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